Silva Arctica

For daily skin care

Meticulously selected vegetable extracts and oils sustain the skin’s elasticity and reduce irritation.

  • Nourishing Hand creme with Linseed Oil and Honey
  • Invigorating Foot creme with Mint Oil and Honey
  • Conditioning Creme with Bilberry and Nordic Birch Sap
  • Peeling Creme with Strawberry Seeds and Nordic Birch sap*
  • Rejuvenating Facial  Mask  with  White Peat Extract and Birch Sap*
  • Seductive Facial Mask with Mint Chocolate and Honey *
  • Camelina Massage lotion with White Peat Extract and Cranberry**
  • Camelina Massage Oil – Juniper & Angelica**

* Even for sauna use.

** The Massage products have been praised for the functional properties by professional testers as cosmetologists, physiotherapists and sport masseurs.  Camelina Massage Oil with Juniper & Angelica is ideal to be used in Hot Stone Massage.

Healthy skin through pampering

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Silva Arctica products