Sauna Arctica

For the entire body

Sauna Arctica – the name of this product family refers to its application: skin care products that are used when having a sauna bath. They protect the skin against excessive heat, without preventing it from breathing. Provides multiple skin care, moisturising, cleansing, and stabilising functions.

  • Gently peeling Sauna Creme – Cloudberry and Honey
  • Relaxing Sauna Creme – Peat and Honey
  • Rejuvenating Sauna Creme – White Peat and Honey
  • Smoothing Sauna Creme – Birch Bud Extract and Honey
  • Primeval Soothing Sauna Creme – Pine Tar and Honey
  • Seductive Sauna Creme – Mint Chocolate and Honey
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Sauna Arctica products